MAT Java 内存分析工具

当前 MAT 可以分析 HPROF 二进制(produced by Sun, HP, SAP, etc… JVMs) 和 IBM system dumps (after preprocessing them), 以及 IBM portable heap dumps (PHD) .

  • find the biggest objects, as MAT provides reasonable accumulated size (retained size)
  • explore the object graph, both inbound and outbound references
  • compute paths from the garbage collector roots to interesting objects
  • find memory waste, like redundant String objects, empty collection objects, etc...

如何获得 heap dump

note: 从JDK 6 update 14 and above, HPROF 里面也包含所有线程的 callstatck.
参考: Heap Dump Analysis with Memory Analyzer, Part 1: Heap Dumps

如何分析 IBM J9 JVM dump?

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